Charles G. Crump

In Memoriam

Charles Grantham Crump
December 23, 1916 - December 12, 2011

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you a little background and information about Charlie and the great life he led.  The day after graduating from high school in 1934, Charlie left his hometown of Wallingford, Connecticut to head for Montana to work as a summer ranch hand at the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch located 65 miles into the Gallatin Canyon. Charlie's love of horses and admiration of novelist and painter, Will James, were his inspiration in wanting to become a "real" cowboy and earned the nickname, Buck. His passion for Big Sky Country never died and he often wore his cowboy shirts, boots and ties to the office.

Charlie Buck Crump

In 1941, Charlie enlisted in the Coast Guard, becoming one of the first Port Security Guards in Hoboken, New Jersey. He remained in the service until the end of WWII when he decided to return to Wallingford. Upon his return, he began working as a board room clerk in the brokerage firm of Charles W. Scranton & Company here in New Haven, Connecticut. He quickly moved up through the ranks and in 1956 became a partner in the firm holding seats on both the New York and American Stock Exchanges. He also became the radio voice of the firm, providing twice daily market activity reports. Following several mergers and associations between firms, Charlie met Charles Noble at Moseley, Hallgarten, Estabrook and Weeden and in 1988, they joined Legg Mason Wood Walker, Inc. where they formed the very beginnings of our team.

Throughout the years, Charlie was deeply committed to his family and to his hometown community of Wallingford. He served on many Boards including the Board of Education for 16 years. He served on the Dime Savings Bank Board of Directors for 29 years and was even with the Wallingford Volunteer Fire Department for 35 years and retired as an Assistant Chief. In May, 2008, Albertus Magnus College honored Charlie with the honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters. Albertus Magnus has a long tradition of honoring persons who have made significant contributions to the enhancement of our world through extraordinary personal service and dedication within their communities and this truly exemplified Charlie.

Father, grandfather, friend, cowboy, volunteer and businessman, Charlie Crump led a life of caring for others. He continued to live at his family home in Wallingford and would often be found sitting in the sun room reading a good book from his vast personal collection or one on loan from a friend or library. He always was up to date on financial & world affairs through reading several daily newspapers and various financial publications.

Buck touched so many lives and made a lifelong impact on each and every one of us for which we will always be grateful.

Charlie and his two children at their barn raising in 2010
Charlie with his two children, Carol and Kirtland, at their barn raising in July, 2010.