Brian T. Obremski

CFP®, Vice President/Wealth Management, Financial Advisor

“I enjoy helping clients make a plan and seeing all their years of hard work and savings pay off.”

Brian obtained his CFP® in 2007, but he’s had his great sense of humor since birth.

Noble Wealth Advisors’ resident comedian, Brian is a compassionate, fun-loving leader who’s been working with Charles and Dana since he was an intern in college twenty-five years ago. He provides wealth management and financial strategy recommendations for individual clients as well as company retirement plans.

Brian loves many things in life: Dave Matthews, Modern Apizza’s Italian Bomb, Cape Cod, and traditions just to name a few. But he loves nothing more than his wife and three daughters, having coached all three in softball and basketball for over ten years.  Additionally, he is a huge advocate for apheresis (a process for donating platelets and Brian donates specifically for children fighting cancer) and blood donation having donated nearly 300 pints himself.  He enjoys the parallels between life, business, and sport, and his favorite proverb defines his resilient approach to all three:

“You fall down seven times, you get up eight.”
– Japanese proverb