Asa Cort

DBA, AWMATM, Financial Planning Associate

“I enjoy the work I do because I’m able to put a plan together so others can experience a comfortable life with those they care about.”

Defined by his calm presence and admirable values, Asa combines a passion for education, and a sharp focus to provide assistance with financial planning and coordination of insurance services for our team.

Asa’s coworkers call him “a true family man”, and he’s most fulfilled when spending time with his loved ones, reading, writing, exercising, and being active in his local church. He finds the greatest moments come from spending time with his wife, children and family pet.

Wise beyond his years, Asa has the enviable ability to stay present and live in the moment, while always respecting the past and maintaining an eye toward the future. He is a proponent of mental and physical health and believes we can all help each other make our life journeys more fulfilling and impactful.

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows; it empties today of its strength.”
– Corrie ten Boom

Phone (203) 784-3092