Alexandra G. Forte

AWMA®, Financial Advisor

“I love helping our clients find clarity in the midst of the fast-paced, ever-changing markets.”

Powered by her steadfast determination and nonstop energy, Alexandra brings pragmatic thinking and twenty years of industry experience to our clients, assisting in portfolio construction and research, managing the trading platform for advisory accounts, and coordinating the operational procedures for our team.

If she’s not in the office, chances are Alexandra’s shuttling her two kids from one sporting event to another, leading initiatives at her children’s school, gardening, or trying a new restaurant with her husband. She’ll drive just about anywhere to visit family, and if you happen to pass her on the highway, you might catch her belting out her favorite Marc Anthony lyrics in flawless Spanish (she’s one of two fluent Spanish speakers on our team).

“Voy a reír, voy a bailar
Vivir mi vida, la la la la
Voy a reír, voy a gozar
Vivir mi vida, la la la la”

– Marc Anthony