Financial Planning

Developing a wealth management strategy begins with gaining an understanding of what is most important to you.  Working together, we will consider your entire financial picture along with your goals to develop a financial plan to meet your objectives.  We view financial planning as an ongoing process, with the flexibility to make changes as life and circumstances evolve.

When providing investment advice, we incorporate financial planning into the decision making process.  A sound investment strategy factors in your anticipated income and spending needs, along with having the flexibility to make changes down the road. For clients that have their portfolios managed under our Compass or Partners Advisory Agreements, comprehensive financial planning is available and included upon request.

Whether you are accumulating for retirement, transitioning into retirement or fully retired, we can provide you with a strategy to meet your needs, promoting steady growth and striving to minimize risk.

The process consists of six steps:

1. Listening and understanding what is important to you - your hopes and dreams, fears and concerns, your family situation and how you envision your future.

2. Gathering information – your goals, timeframe and financial situation.  Completing the FactFinder and providing all necessary documents, along with having a conversation to map out your anticipated spending needs, helps to build the framework of your financial plan.

3. Analyzing the information – we will assess your current situation and analyze your assets, liabilities, cash flow, current insurance coverage, investments, tax strategies and estate plan and provide projections based on your assumptions.

4. Discussing strategies to consider – based on the analysis, we will provide you with advice and together make informed decisions on appropriate strategies to consider to meet your goals.  Any changes to your assumptions can be factored in and the projections revised, if necessary.

5. Implementing the recommendations – we will develop and coordinate the implementation of strategies, working with your tax and legal advisor as required.

6. Monitoring and Review - the plan is reviewed annually and more frequently if there are any significant changes to your assumptions. 

As life and circumstances change, we stand ready to help you and your family.  We take a multi-generational approach, considering all aspects of your life to help you effectively plan to meet current needs while staying focused on your future objectives.




Charitable Giving

If you are interested in establishing a Donor Advised Fund for charitable giving, please speak with us about The Independent Charitable Gift Fund offered by Janney through National Philanthropic Trust:

Overview of the Independent Charitable Gift Fund Program
Independent Charitable Gift Fund Program Guide


Saving for College

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Planning for Retirement

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Applying for Medicare
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